Amor em Fatias (Love in slices) from Gilberto Costa


Ricardo Bonacho: Design and Photography

Editor: Esfera dos Livros


There are things that can make us travel into our childhood and one of them is a freshly baked cake made by our mother or grandmother. A cake whose recipe is often only found in that notebook already marked by the time where our grandparents would point out their "magic formulas" to delight us and make us happy. Chef Gilberto Costa, one of the most renowned Portuguese pastry professionals, recovers recipes from his grandmother such as Cocoa Cake, Banana Cake or Pineapple Cake, which, in a single slice, joins caramel, pineapple, a juicy dough and many childhood memories, or recipes from various parts of the country such as Marble Cake, Water Cake or Rotten Cake, among many others. But it also gives us to know delicacies from other countries like England, Sweden or Greece. They have in common the fact that they are timeless and unforgettable. Simple and easy recipes with the usual ingredients that remind us, but at the same time create memories for our children.