Edited by Sonia Massari, Transdisciplinary Case Studies on Design for Food and Sustainability

Ricardo Bonacho (2021)
Design Bites - The Practice of Design in Culinary Arts - the case study of the MSc in Innovation in Science and Culinary Arts

This research is defined by the intersection of design with food, especially in higher education of Culinary Arts. We intend to contribute to Food Design's definition and make its application a common project practice for chefs. We developed a creative process that addresses the Culinary Arts's most relevant aspects without its complexity being an inhibiting factor to the future chefs. It is important to reinforce that the clarity and ease of integrating these are essential factors for the growth of the students, as it is an interdisciplinary knowledge aggregation model for developing food products, services, and experiences. This model allows a greater focus on the students' work by including knowledge of all the disciplines with a single end — the creation of a broad culinary portfolio that departs entirely from the master-apprentice pedagogical model. Design, in this case, through creative methodologies, contributes to the development of food products, services, and experiences as an agent that creates new knowledge models within the Culinary Arts practice, thus broadening the field of action of Food Design.

Keywords: Design; Food; Food Design; Higher Education; Culinary Arts; Creativity; Creative Process