Momentum: From the Forest to the Plate. Part IV
Thália Theatre, Lisboa 

November 2019

Momentum: From the Forest to the Plate. Part IV served as a gastronomic experience for the closing of the 2nd International Conference on Food Design and Food Studies, Experiencing Food: Designing Sustainable and Social Practices

"Momentum: From Forest to the Plate was constituted as an interdisciplinary, creative and differentiating project, seeking to create synergies by using environmental sustainability applied to teaching-learning practices, contributing to the visibility of all the institutions involved. The menu was inspired and aligned with the principles of the association*: the recovery of biodiversity and the strengthening of ecosystems. A menu that reflected the production cycle and respected the identities of the territories, the proximity of the products to their origin and the way they are treated in the kitchens. The menu embodied the tree's life cycle; basically, taking care of environmental and food sustainability, valuing Portuguese forests. The staging moment created for the menu was accompanied by the performance of the cultural association Byfurcação, which created characters related to the imaginary world of the forest, seeking to combine theatrical activity in the search for an awakening of the consciousness of the guests for the mission of the Association, which on a daily basis passes is based on the individual and collective action". (Bonacho et al., 2019)

A concept developed by the students of the Master's in Innovation in Culinary Arts (Edition 2018/2019).

Production Credits:
Experiencing Food, Designing Sustainable and Social Practices (EFOOD 2019)
General Coordination: Ricardo Bonacho
Organization Team: Maria José Pires; Filipa Nogueira Pires
Concept Development: MIACC - Master in Innovation in Culinary Arts 2018/2019 (Afonso Carvalho; Gabriela Melo; Eva Hipólito; Ana Lúcia Batista; Manuel Monteiro; Roberto Lopes; Rafaela Lopes; Renata Luz; Nuno Fernandes)
Coordination of Menu & Food Production: André Gerardo; Ana Lúcia Baptista; Roberto Lopes 
Photography: Gabriell Vieira
Special Thanks: Imppacto, Catering & Eventos; Thália Theatre; Byfurcação; *Association Planting a Tree; Rituais Eventos